Feb / 21

Barware Glasses – Getting Started

I wouldn’t open a bar and serve drinks in any old glass, but my focus is making cocktails at home so I look at it this way: if I have friends over and give them handmade cocktails, they won’t care what the drinks are served in but they will feel happy, impressed and a little […]

bar tool strainer

Feb / 13

First Bar Tool Purchases – Cocktail Strainer

My First Bar Tool Purchases series continues with the strainer. Here are links to the first two parts on cocktail shakers and jiggers. In your kitchen you’ll probably have stand-ins for tools like spoons, knives, something to muddle, etc. so once you have at least the cocktail shaker, jigger and strainer, you’re good to go! […]

Feb / 8

First Bar Tool Purchases – Jigger

I covered shakers in my first of this series of posts on stocking the tools for a home bar. The next tool is a jigger. 2. Jigger You’ve probably seen bartenders work without measuring tools. They use pouring spouts to control the flow, flip the bottle over the cup and count to themselves to determine […]

Feb / 7

First Bar Tool Purchases – Cocktail Shaker

Fifteen years ago I received a bar set as a wedding gift. It had all these tools stuck into one ice bucket with a smiley-faced mixer and some other strange looking tools. I had no idea what to do with it, except to put ice in the bucket. After it collected dust for a few […]

Jan / 28

Top 6 Interesting Facts About Alcohol I Learned from BarSmarts

As I mentioned in my first post, taking the BarSmarts Wired course was a revelation. Here are the top six things that I didn’t know before the course.

Jan / 28

Why Blog About Cocktails and Mixing Drinks?

Ever order a drink and then the bartender/server responds with a question that makes you realize that you’re already in way too deep? “Would you like that up?” “Do you want that with a twist?” “Would you like that with a water back?” Simple questions, but if you don’t know what they mean, you might […]